Custom Article Bags, etc.


DSCN0479My new wood articles made just for my dog!  Awesome oak sized perfectly for her.  Like them?

Are you looking for a utility scent article bag for obedience?  Something different and unique?  When I began training my white shepherd for utility classes, of course I ordered articles and a bag to keep them in.  The bag was pretty dull, and my teacher, Kathy, told me it would be a pain for stewards to get the articles out of it with the single zipper closure.  So I decided to make my own design based upon the size of that bag.  Having been a sewist and quilter for most of my life, I had some fun with it and put an applique of Wynnter’s dam and an embroidery of Wynnter on it.  I made a couple as gifts.  My thanks to Kathy Sutliff, Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan for their support in the beginning.   Wyndsong article bags have become very popular.   Please keep in mind however that this is not my work, but my hobby.  Work is where I go to earn a living.  This I do to de-stress.  So I apologize in advance that I cannot promise how long each bag will take.

At this time (03/20/14), my prices are:

  • Small – approximately 8″ x 8″ x 7″     $90
  • One-pocket standard bag     $125
  • Two-pocket standard size bag     $140
  • NEW: 42″ detachable shoulder strap     $15.00
  • Shipping is additional.

Note 03/18/16:  I want to thank everyone who has ordered an article bag from me.  I apologize profusely for the terribly long wait that you endure for one of these bags.  I try to sew every day but I do work full time, have family obligations and like to train and trial my own dogs. I am now working on 2013 orders.  Still three years out.

Special thanks to all of the people who have purchased a bag and decided to order another for your new puppies!  It’s hard for me to believe that I began this project over six years ago!  I love that I can give you something special to take in the ring with you.  All of you are my obedience heroes!

Please use the CUSTOM ARTICLE BAGS, ETC. menu item above to see many more pictures of bags that I have made.

Announcement 02/24/15:  I received website information for beautiful animal artwork created by Jean Barrett.  I have seen her work on shirts and plaques and it is exquisite.  The link to her website is: Take a look.  Jean’s work would make an awesome OTCH or MACH gift, judge’s gift or National Specialty prize.   She could also personalize a wooden article box making it one of a kind.




Clear, concise instruction for any level of training with photos. A perfect addition to any library.

This is detail of the applique done for the Kerry Blue terrier bag and the photo from which it was taken.

Detail of Kerry Blue terrier applique

Photo owned by Yuliya Brown and taken by Marianne Luther