What Is Your Idea?

Sheep bag for a herding breed

Sometimes we don’t want a bag that is dedicated to a particular dog, but something more generic that will work for our future obedience stars.  You are limited only by your imagination.  I have made bags as gifts, and maybe the person giving the bag does not have a photo of the recipient’s dog, or is uncomfortable using a generic breed design.  This was the reason for the sheep bag.  The game bird bag was done for a bird dog breed so as not to be for just one dog.  If there is a theme you would like to create, tell me.  Certain quilt blocks could lend themselves to energetic designs, such as the Mariner’s Compass block shown above.

Sheltie bag

Fabric artwork made from an individual’s submitted photos will not be repeated on another’s bag.  I am happy to prepare artwork from personal photos or non-copyrighted clip art, or I will draw my own design based upon your request.  It’s important to me to try to make every bag as unique as the obedience team that will use it.

I appreciate all of the ideas that I have received from the owners of these bags, and am open to trying to create whatever you can imagine.