For The Little Dog

In March 2010 I went to an obedience workshop at Cleveland All Breed Training Club called “Are We Having Fun Yet?”  The clinicians were Betsy Scappichio and Linda Brennan of Top Dog Obedience School in Flanders, NJ.  These trainers have to their credit students who are some of the top competitors in the country, including Petra Ford and Tyler, winners of the 2009 NOI.  They really know how to keep people and dogs engaged!  Linda actually ordered a couple of article bags from me; one for her young border collie Spell, and another for her adorable Norfolk Terrier, Oz.  He is quite the little obedience dog, and a riot to watch work; you just can’t help but smile as he zips out for his retrieves and such.  I just love the little tiny articles he has, and obviously he doesn’t need a regular size bag, so I designed one for him that more suits his size.

The small bag is approximately 8″ x 8″ x 7″; each pocket is about three and a half inches deep.  Just like the large bags, the small one has the owner’s name and phone number embroidered inside the solid pocket, and there is the same amount of space available for artwork on the solid pocket.

The Maltese bag went to a cutie named Rugby.  His owner has kindly given me a link to his training blog with a photo of Rugby with his new bag.  This guy is definitely happy to have his portrait made!