Welcome to wyndsong

It’s hard for me to believe that I began making custom article bags in 2010! I started sewing and embroidering long before that, having learned from my mother. 

For me, the intersection of art and passion for dogs started with making just a few article bags for friends. 

Thank you to everyone, who has  purchased a bag. It has been and remains my pleasure to get to know you and your dog in the process.  Special thank you to those, who have also ordered for your new puppies

I absolutely love that I can give you something special to take into the ring with you.  

All of you are my obedience heroes!


“Perhaps one of the reasons we are so devoted to our dogs is that they help us become who we are supposed to be.”
- The Monks of New Skete

Every bag is as unique as the dog for which it's made.


Small bag – approximately 8" x 8" x 7"     $90.00

One or Two-pocket standard size bag     $140.00

NEW: 42″ detachable shoulder strap     $15.00

Shipping is additional.

Get in touch at wyndsong54@gmail.com